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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Perfect Couple, Perfect Princess, Perfect Ankles

Well, the wait is finally over. She certainly took her time. The UK has been in the grips of  "baby-mania" for weeks. The whisperings that Annie Sloan pink paints had been ordered for Anmer Hall (the Cambridge's residence) were not just rumours after all. The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a daughter, this morning in London. And she was presented to the public, by her parents on the way out of the hospital only ten hours later. There was not one puffy ankle or eyebag on the Duchess (yes, I know life is unfair to the rest of us) and no sleepy seeds on the Princess. Dad looked like he had just played an easy round of golf. Yes, it truly did appear that the bun really had been in an oven... albeit probably one at the Langham not the Aga at home. Or perhaps someone caught sight of a stork above the hospital? No one looked the worse for wear, that is for sure. Most Dads emerge with day old beards, a glazed look and mothers appear as if they have smeared Vaseline in their hair and are disoriented in daylight. Either way, the new princess is cute as a button, I have to say. You sure stole thunder from the elections, little one. Perhaps the Princess of Wales has reincarnated. She had a lot of unfinished business after all. This babykins is one to watch. 

May your road be smooth and your troubles be few, sweetheart.
That is a wish for all the babies in the world, too.